Recent Projects

Denali Camp Utilities Rehab PH VI
Denali Park Road, Denali
General Contractor- Water, Sewer, and Electrical Utility replacement for a portion of the employee
seasonal residence Cabins. 17 Two-occupant cabin are supported by these utilities and provision are made for 1 future 6-room dorm. National Parks Service, – Alaska Regional Office Prosser-Dagg Construction Company, LLC

Crowley Port of Anchorage Tank Truck Loading Facility Anchorage, AK.
Subcontractor-Demolish, load, haul and dispose materials at an offsite location, state and local requirements. Excavate, backfill to grade and Compaction testing for Pump house, Utilidor, New Truck Rack, Holding Tank, Install HDPE, Valves, Water Service Line, including Dewatering plan. Crowley Fuel, LLC Udelhoven Oilfield System Services, Inc.

EIE377-F35A Add Alt Field Training Detachment
Eielson AFB, Alaska
Subcontractor-Site demolition, Clearing & Grubbing, Excavation, Trenching & Backfill, Excavation and Handling of Contaminated Material, Compaction, Dewatering, Storm Drainage Utilities, Construction of Underground Utilidor Systems. US Army Corps of Engineers,
Alaska District Silver Mountain Construction Company

Alyeska VMT-5576
Valdez, AK
Subcontractor: Civil work necessary for construction of two new buildings at the Valdez Marine Terminal.
Includes utility excavation, building excavation and backfill, and placement of classified fill. Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. Cornerstone General Contractors

2016 City Streets
Valdez, AK
General Contractor: Site demolition; New pedestrian features, including street lighting, light pole bases, utility excavation, sidewalks,
storm drain, grading, road excavation, dewatering, new concrete, asphalt and bollard. Construction of new “Valdez Alaska” welcome sign. City of Valdez Prosser-Dagg Construction Company, LLC

Matanuska-Susitna Borough Athletic Field Improvements
Palmer, Wasilla, Glacier View and Talkeetna
General Contractor: Site demolition; Grubbing; Earth moving; Surveying; Erosion & sediment control; Water and storm drainage utilities; Construction of turf field, curbs, goalposts, bleachers and other ancillary field elements at multiple rural and urban school sites; Landscaping. Matanuska- Susitna Borough Prosser-Dagg Construction Company, LLC

West/Romig CTE Renovations
Anchorage, AK
Subcontractor: Site demolition; grubbing; earth moving; surveying; erosion and sediment control; water, sewer and storm drainage utilities. Anchorage School District Cornerstone General Contractors

Maneuver Enhancement Brigade Complex, Phase II
(BDE and BN HQ)
Subcontractor: Clear & Grub; Building Excavation & Backfill; Placement of Classified Fill; Storm Drain Plumbing/ Electrical Excavation & Backfill. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers KICC/Alcan General, JV

Anchorage Natural Pantry
Anchorage, AK
Subcontractor: Clear and grub, building excavation and backfill; placement of classified fill; Dewatering; Sewer
and water installation; SOA driveway construction. Natural Pantry, Inc Neeser, Inc.